What are the Top Ten Michael Jackson songs

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What are the best of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's top songs ever.

Watch full best and top songs.

What are the Top Ten Michael Jackson songs
I'm not going to tell about him. We don't want to use any word to introduce him but MJ's talent will. You all know him well and love him. It's not a fair question to ask what are the best songs of king of pop. We know that. Because no one can decide what would be your choice. It's up to you. So here is the deal. We have indexed Top Twenty Michael Jackson songs here as we decided( You can change them too, by posting a comment and suggesting). What you have to do is vote for your favorites. As our 'Viewer Decide' principle, we need you to decide "What are the Top Ten Michael Jackson songs ever".

This is kind a polling option. We use facebook reactions as our main source along with some other methods like a page's popularity on other social media sites.

How do I vote?
Basically there are 03 methods:

01.You can simply put a 'LIKE' to your favorite song or songs. You will see the like button below a post or song's snippet.

02.Be a fan on our facebook fan page - FAB PRETTY VIDEOS and under the "Question" tab you'll see the question "What are the Top Ten Michael Jackson songs" . Answer it(and share it with your friends too).

03.Share or like the relevant page on any other sharing site or social media. So we'll get the feedback and will use it to calculate the votes.

That's all. You can see current top ten Michael Jackson songs here. We will update this chart weekly according to your votes. Thank you and Enjoy it!

Top Twenty Michael Jackson songs

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